Photo: Roy Kauffman

This is the bio of a creative person:


This process always begets the question that slays me: what is art and who is an artist and what kind of artist are you and in what medium do you work? This bio/artist statement business of creativity is difficult for somehow boxes are called for--- boxes or canned restrictive categorized creativity. One shoots pictures. One smooshes paint. And one colors, especially as a meditation. One would like to do more creative endeavors and never have to categorize it.  Then there is the whole notion who one admires then where one lived and went to school, and then before you know it, you are in a box of someone's making, and that someone is probably you. Yup.

If one were a rich bitch in monetary terms one would have a warehouse studio with all the space and equipment needed to explore ANY creative endeavor the idea factory took on.  Oh what a rich dream that is. Love. Yes that is love.

Having been a very visual and differently observational person all my life, it seemed natural to want to capture some of these visions in design, photographs and other creative media.  This one is not trained, an untrainable perhaps. Add to that the idea that every second, well even a nano second, is history, and one has the whole meaning of much of what the  picture-taking is. 

So this site shows picture taking, coloring meditation, and postcards from the ledge. All of it has come from somewhere and one might guess that has to be labeled as the universe.  It just comes until it doesn’t.  The “doesn’t” periods are hard to live in and one just has to work through them.  Humm, let’s label that “the pregnant pause”, the dreaded “pregnant pause”.

This creative person loves color; loves designs and lines; loves texture; loves champagne; loves food; loves ideas and great conversations; loves to watch the ripples in water; the clouds in the skies; and well, just a lot of life. I absolutely love doing all these creative things and when they are on they are on! If this body and wallet allowed, I’d probably be doing something 24/7.

Tortuga has shown in several coffee houses and galleries in Seattle and out of state.  The last show at City Hall Seattle was the culmination of several years of shooting downtown Seattle from high and low.  The last project shot was an amazing access to Union Square, Seattle, the home of One and Two Union towers.  I was granted permission to shoot from the rooftops of both towers several times; in and out of the towers and from any vantage point I wanted.

Next goal: shooting across the US and then Europe! Dreams can come true.

Tortuga: visual, observer, outside the middle, pictures, paint, pens and paper, unruly, and bounded but not.



Christiana M. Tortuga